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For small businesses, a properly optimized website can be the difference between thriving and failing. Search engines have changed the way they read your site and it takes an expert to get your site ranked above your competitors. At Dallas SEO Staff, we provide high quality search engine optimization and other web-related services for small and medium sized businesses in the DFW area. We specialize in local business profiles and can optimize your website to climb the search rankings in your market and locality. We will customize our SEO services to your specific market, audience and business.
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We Know Google

After decades of helping websites climb the rankings and thousands of hours of education and ongoing research, our Garland, TX Based SEO company knows how Google works and we know what it takes to drive your site to the top.

We practice only honest white hat SEO. If you're cheating the search engines, they will find out and will penalize you for it. The black hat techniques of early SEO no longer work. Search engines can literally view your page as a human would as well as see your site's code so they know when you're cheating, when you're trying to hide spammy content or when you're doing anything else to attempt to trick the search engines. We know the right way to optimize your site's content, code, images, videos, social media, local citations, in and outbound links and every other nuance of your site to provide the best possible results for your specific business.

Custom SEO Plans

Custom SEO plans can range depending on your target audience, service area and competition. At every budget level you will get the same array of services at proportional amounts. Every business is unique so our SEO plan needs to be customized to your needs. After reviewing your current rankings, competitors and a few other aspects of your Online marketing we'll make a custom plan to get you ranked as quickly as possible within your budget. We'll provide a few options based on budget and how quickly you are trying to get ranked. Additionally, if your budget is tight we can usually work out a short term discounted plan until we get you more revenue through your website. We also offer discounts for local non profit organizations such as churches, charities and governmental agencies in the Dallas and North Texas area. Call 214-506-3471 to get a free site analysis and recommendations.

Afraid of commitment? Unlike other SEO companies we never ask you to sign a long term contract. We know our methods work and we know once you see your site jumping up in the rankings you'll have no reason to leave us.

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SEO For Local Dallas Businesses

We offer expert SEO, Web Design and Development to small businesses in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area. We like to meet people face to face and it's important that our clients know who we are and take comfort in knowing they can discuss their site, SEO tools, strategy and any issues over the phone, through email or in person over lunch. Everyone who works on your site lives in the Dallas area and it's important to us to keep the local economy growing rather than send money out of state or to another country.

We will get you traffic for search terms that your local customers actually use. Anyone can rank for long tail terms or highly technical terms that no one searches for. Our primary focus is to get you ranked for terms that are commonly searched for by your potential clients in your local markets. The obscure and long tail searches will naturally link to your site as we increase your overall brand. We specialize in Dallas area local search trends and metrics. Don't trust your business to large expensive SEO companies that treat you like everyone else, or even less if you're not a high dollar client. We love seeing small businesses grow and we don't have to charge the big firms' rates to get you there. Call now for a free evaluation and advice