How to Write SEO Optimized Content for Your Web Site

content-optimizationAfter diligently finding all the correct keywords you should be focusing on, it’s time to write content for your site based on those keywords. You know what people are searching for as it related to your business so you can now use that info to tailor your content towards those search phrases. This is one of many ways Google understands what your page and site are about.
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The Basics of SEO

What is SEO?Since you found our site, I’m sure you know how important search engine optimization (SEO) is as a source of traffic that can be converted to sales. But what is SEO? SEO is sometimes called natural or organic search. SEO requires making changes to your web site that prove its authority and relevance to search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing. The purpose of SEO is to get your site ranked well for search terms related to your business and increase the number of customers that click through search results to land on your site.
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What is a Silo Structure (And Why Should You Care)?

A silo framework or structure is a deeper type of site architecture that is more logically arranged. The ordered collections are figured out by topics and also subtopics; topically appropriate content ought to be structurally near to other topically appropriate material. Silos are basically a way to separate your site content into classifications.

The even more topically relevant content you cover in a silo, the a lot more topically pertinent your site will remain in the eyes of Google. If you cover all of the significant search queries that individuals utilize when looking for a subject– as well as your website appears as well as is clicked for these queries– then you are the finest result, duration.

silo structure 1
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Tips to Get More Website Traffic: On Page Optimization

Anyone who owns a website wants more traffic. Of course! Who would spend time and money building a site and not want others to find it. Your website is intended to do one thing – make you money. If no one finds it or sticks around long enough to purchase your product or service then what’s the point of having a website? fortunately building the site itself shouldn’t take much cost or effort on your part. There are plenty of free website content management systems available that you or a designer can start with. This saves you the cost of developing a site from scratch. Ideally you or your developer had SEO in mind when creating the site and / or writing the initial content. If so, you’ll need to keep the following tips in mind while adding new content and updating your site. If not, then you’ll need to go back through your site and apply these ideas before moving forward.

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Content Optimization: Writing Good Content on Your Website (PART 2)

The Importance of Well Written, Optimized ContentIt’s important to have content and a lot of it, but it’s also important that your content is properly optimized. By this I mean it talks to your users in a way that is understandable and informative while still taking into account your keyword research. It’s obvious why you need to have coherent content that people care about – without that anyone who does find your page will probably leave before getting through the first paragraph (you’re still here I hope!). Optimizing content based on your keyword research is important because that helps Google understand what your page is about and ultimately ties a searcher with your page. Without proper optimization no one will ever find your page in the first place.

The Problem With Doing This

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