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homeThe homepage of your website is meant to be an entry way into the rest of your content. Or at least is used to be. Once upon a time your homepage was needed to explain to visitors and search engines what your site was about and all the details within. Every keyword you could think of was stuffed in and the amount content of a typical homepage was close to every other page on the site combined.

Nowadays search engines are able to understand your site as a whole based on reading all of your pages rather than understand one page at a time so it’s not necessary to try to convey your entire site in one page then think of unique ways to re-say everything in their own sections.

People don’t need and don’t like having every nuance of your product or service crammed down their throat. If visitors came from a search engine they would likely land on an internal page of your site that focuses on whatever they searched on. In that case they might never see your homepage. Hopefully they read your page, like what you have to say and find your phone number or contact form to get in touch with you. They might have found your site from a direct link elsewhere on the internet or someone told them your url. In those cases where they probably see your home page first.

Your homepage needs to convey ideas more than topics. It’s important for visitors to know you’re a professional company. Clean user-focused design is far more important than cramming a lot of content on your page. Discuss bigger picture concepts and make them glad they found your site. Make sure your contact info is easy to see, links to your social media and other links that encourage visitors to get to know your company on a more personal level. Talk about your high quality work and your friendly service rather than the specific services you offer.

In a nutshell your homepage should be more of a welcome mat that invited people to explore your site. They know how navigation menus work so they can dig through your site easily (assuming your design is user friendly), so you don’t have to tell them how to find the rest of your pages. If you’re going to put anything in your visitors faces it should be a call to action – “Call us for more information” or “Click here to see our specials”

On that note, if you have any questions or would like a review of your homepage design and recommendations, call us at 214-506-3471 and we’ll explain all your options.