Link Building is like Exercise for Your Website

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lifting-weights-1137I realized I’ve been neglecting my site all week and wanted to get in a quick post before I go to Good Friday service at church (see what I did there?).

Anyway, I get to the gym a few times a week usually. Sometimes more sometimes less. But since it’s a regular habit and it keeps me in shape, adds a bit of muscle and I don’t get winded when my kids decide they want to race form the car to the grocery store. Of course I could do more and bulk up or get in marathon shape, but that’s not my goal. Or I could go in spurts and work my butt off and quit for a while (which I used to do), but I think most people know that’s a good way to injure yourself and not make any appreciable gains.

Similarly your link building strategy needs to be a slow and steady process. Natural link building takes time and you won’t see immediate results. You probably won’t even notice the results because your site will creep up the rankings at a slow but steady pace. If you start off hot and heavy you may see some immediate gains, but Google will catch on, especially if you ca’t keep up the pace. The search engines want to know you in this for the long haul and you give every aspect of your site regular care. If you add a bunch of links (most of which will be very low quality if not spammy) in a couple weeks Google will know it’s not natural. remember the idea of an incoming link is essentially meant be a vote from one site to yours. There are few sites that are able to get a lot of legitimate links in a short amount of time (Also know as going viral).

Give us a call anytime and we’ll take a look at your site, it’s in and outbound links and give you some ideas on how to improve your link strategy. Of course we can take care of it for you :)

Happy Good Friday and I encourage everyone to check out a local church Sunday morning!