Local SEO Tools: Optimize Your Site for Multiple Locations

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multiple-locations-local-searchLocal brand awareness matters more now then ever. Google and other search engines are catering to the searcher’s location more than the national audience. That means if if someone in Garland searched for “flower shop” then businesses that are in Garland (assuming their sites are locally optimized) will likely appear first in the list. Makes sense. Why would Google tell you about a flower shop that’s in Plano or Frisco if you’re in Garland. In these cases “good” SEO means less than “good” local optimization. Of course good SEO will still determine what Garland flower shop gets ranked highest among their local competitors.

That’s well and good if you only have one location or if you only care about customers in your specific city. Most businesses need to reach adjacent cities and beyond to have a successful business and many companies have multiple locations supported by one website. This is why it’s extremely important to focus on all the areas your business serves.

The first thing you need to do is write good, unique, optimized pages for each location or city you want to promote. If you have actual addresses in different cities you need to highlight that on your location pages and contact page, and footer.

You’ll need to create local directory listings and citation for each, confirm and optimize them. Each local citation should have a consistent NAP (Name Address, Phone) format. As you’ll see when you start getting into it, maintaining a single set of citations is pretty time consuming, let alone citations for multiple cities or locations.

Your pages must have proper local schema and structured data. You can test your schema on Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Give us a call if you have any questions about getting your local listings bumped up to the top of the search engines for multiple cities and locations. We’ll take a look at your site and give you recommendations on what needs to be updated, added, etc. 214-506-3471