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Second only to unique content, link building is the most important aspect of SEO. One way links to your site from others tell search engines your site is trusted by those other sites. As you can imagine it’s not easy to convince other site owners to link to you without giving them something in return. That’s where the problem lies. Search engines are becoming smarter – enough so that they can tell when a link pointing to your site was paid for, if you linked back to that site or otherwise linked because of a mutual agreement. Paid links, link farms and other methods of grey and black hat link building are very bad and will hurt your efforts. Don’t do it! Honest one way link building comes naturally with time and a painstaking process of writing good content, sharing it, letting other webmasters know about it and politely asking for a link. Some will link to you but most will not.

We’ve been working with other website owners for years and have a great network of clients, friends and colleagues who can help your one way link building efforts. Give us a call and we can explain your options and how we can help. If you have the time, we can show you what you can do yourself to save a few bucks.