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Why is it Important to Submit Your Site to Local Directories?

There are literally thousands of business directories out there. Some are very popular like Google Places for Business or Yelp. Most are not so popular. So why spend the time listing your site in them? local directory submissionObviously you want to be listed in the major directories, but the small guys are typically very easy to list in and they all provide SEO value to your site. Maybe this is the one thing your competitors aren’t doing that puts you in front of the pack.

More importantly than being listed in all the various directories is that you’re correctly listed. Many directories scrape others with their bots and try to interpret the info, often messing something up and could possibly discredit your site. It’s important that you find, verify and correct all local directory listings for your site. Like all links to your site each directory listing is a vote. Albeit a small vote, but it helps none the less. Over the years of doing this, We’ve become amazingly efficient at adding and correcting directory listings. If you need help getting listed across the various search engines and directories give us a call and we’ll explain how we can help.