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Writing content for a website should be user-centric. That means written to give your visitors useful information or teach them something they’re interested in (based on the search query that brought them to your site). seo-content-writingYour content should be pleasing to read, not a formulaic hammering of keywords repeated as many times as you can stuff into your page. Up until a few years ago search engines scanned your page, took count of every word, how many times each word was used, how many times in the heading, first paragraph, second paragraph, etc. That’s how they determined what your page was about and how to link it to search queries. Obviously that left the door open to allow people to artificially boost their site for certain keywords – all you’d have to do is write your keyword in the header and a couple times in each paragraph. It didn’t matter if your SEO writing made sense to humans as long as it fit within the formula (algorithm) the search engines were using to calculate your “keyword density”.

Now that Google is smart enough to read your pages similar to how a human would it’s important that your content make sense. With the addition of the Hummingbird update you can rank for a certain keyword without including it in your page. Google can understand the concept of your pages and relate it to users searches. Google also uses previous searches by the same user to infer their future meaning. Kind of freaky…

Nevertheless we still have to pay attention to what we say to help Google, and more importantly the less intelligent search engines, understand what your page is about. This one for example is about our SEO content writing service. content-for-seoBy researching keywords and using a few in relation with the content that’s teaching our visitors something useful the search engines will understand what we’re talking about and hopefully rank this page high in the results when someone searches for something like “Content Writing for SEO Purposes” (See what I did there?)

In the SEO world content is king – it’s the number one factor in your site’s ranking. It’s can’t be robotic or formulaic. Have fun writing your content. Of course be considerate of search terms, but as an afterthought. Focus on entertaining your audience. With that in mind, a well written site will not automatically jump to the top of the rankings, but it’s a solid foundation that other areas of SEO can rest on. Give us a call at 214-506-3471 and we’ll take a look at your site’s content and let you know if we see any areas for improvement. No charge of course.