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Web Development and SEO is like Science and Art – Individually they are completely separate things and serve a very useful purpose in the world, but when they work together the results [can be] astounding!web-development-seo-services

Few Search Engine Optimizers put emphasis on the back end of the sites they manage. Why would they? They’re not trained in web development and probably don’t care or at best think clean code doesn’t help that much (sour grapes?). For us, seo-focused web development is essential. Google and all other search engines are computers and they read the code of your page to understand what your site is about. If your page is full of errors or extraneous code then it makes it harder for the search engines to read your page. They’re likely to discount you because you’re making it harder for them to do their job. On the other hand if your code is clean and easy for the search engines to read then they not only will get a better understanding of your site’s purpose, but they will understand that you took the time to make sure your site is as good as it can be inside and out.

We employ SEO experts, marketing pros and web developers who work together in unison to analyze and improve your site with users and search engines in mind. The core of web development and SEO for that matter really is science and math, but there is an element of art, organic understanding of how people think, how search engines are evolving. science-art-combinedIt’s this understanding that puts us ahead of the pack and will help your business thrive in the ever changing world of algorithm updates, SEO penalties and competitor sabotage (yes it happens).

Our SEO Web Development Services are tailored to your site – there is no cookie cutter approach. Of course some aspects of development are consistent form site to site, but your site, your market, your customers, your business is unique and needs to be treated as such if it’s ever going to stand out. If your business is based in the Dallas / North Texas area call us today and we’ll give you a free site evaluation – 214-506-3471