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Responsive Web Design is becoming more and more important as mobile phones and tablets account for almost 50% of all web traffic. Responsive deign basically means your site will look good on any device – it will respond to the screen it’s being viewed on.

Whether on a phone, tablet or desktop computer, if someone gets to your site and it’s difficult to navigate or doesn’t look professional they’ll likely close it out and move on to one of your competitors. In addition, Google and other search engines test websites in different screen sizes and resolutions and any that don’t work well on smaller screen will likely get bumped down in the rankings. The search engines’ sole purpose is to deliver websites that people want to see. If yours doesn’t look good then they assume people won’t want to see it.

Mobile Site Vs Responsive Design

Before mobile responsive design came on the scene sites often had mobile version which was basically a copy of the site with a small-screen layout. The down sides to developing a mobile site are: 1. your content is duplicated, technically on two different sites ( and for example) which can trigger red flags for the search engines and hurt your rankings, and 2 you could only design your site for a fraction of the huge number of screen sizes and resolutions. Responsive design allows you to use the same site, pages, content across all screen sizes. It takes more effort but once it’s in place it will work for all screen sizes – now and in the future. Responsive web design is the way to go

If your site isn’t mobile ready, I’d recommend a redesign or if possible, updating your code to make your site responsive. Give us a call ad we’ll check out your site and see what it will take to get it looking good on phones and tablets.