Keyword Research

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Keywords and keyphrases are terms SEOs use to describe what people are searching for. For example, if you made your wife mad, you might search for “Dallas Florist” which wold be the keyword you used with the intent of finding a florist in your area. keyword-researchSo, when you’re doing keyword research for your business you’ll think of all the terms someone might use to find you online and incorporate those words and phrases into your content. The trick is knowing the wide variety of words used, including misspellings and long tail keywords which are typically questions or statements made up of several words. Something like “Where is a florist in Dallas” or “I need flowers for my wife”. The point is there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to search for a single item or service.

Keyword Research Tools

We use several keyword research tools that can focus as wide or narrow as we want, from global to national, Texas and even county or city keyword trends. We can find out exactly what the customers in your service area are searching for and we can monitor how these trends change throughout time. Typically, we start with the most popular variations of your keywords and as we get you ranked in the top 10 for those, we expand to long tail and less searched words. Ultimately, the combination of the various keywords and long tail phrases will broaden your net to include similar searches. Google can understand the concept of your site, so once you have a good bit of targeted content, the search engines can infer what your site is about and connect searchers to you even if they don’t use a keyword or phrase you focused on.